Flexible Reporting

With GinPro's Flexviews and FlexReports you are able to control exactly what information will be displayed on your screen or your printed reports. It is easy to add or remove fields from an existing report, or you can even create your own new reports.

ClassLink & EWR Messenger

GinPro's Classlink system makes it easy to download your grades. Classing information can be easily download from the internet with a push of a button. You can even search for grades that are missing from your system and download them for free.

GinPro greatly simplifies electronic warehouse receipts with its buit-in EWR Messenger system. The email-like Messenger screen make it simple to create and send batches as well as pick up confirmations, and you can view batches and check their status as well.

"I think your integrated EWRs are a huge plus for a cotton ginner. It's so much simpler than in any other program." Mike Gage - Mitchell County Gin

"I didn't realize just exactly how easily and smoothly your program works until I tried to explain how to do a loan to someone who used a different program, and they had to click through about 47 different things, whereas on mine I just click Marketing and the whole show is right there and I just have to click one button." Janie Rainwater - Radium Gin

GinPro integrates with BaleExchange.com to make it easy to sell your cotton online. Bale exchange ERecaps work exactly like the standard recaps you normally fax to buyers, only now you can post them on the internet. The more buyers who see your recaps the more offers you can receive and the better the chances that you will receive a high price for your cotton.

"We had some bidding wars, mainly from people seeing our recaps on the internet." Tina Brooks - Red Ball Gin

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